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Fundado em 2007

Hanesan informasaun ida ba publico katak , iha loron Dominggo to Terça hetan visita mai husi Special Olimpico Internacional, ne be mak lidera husi Mr. TROY GREISEN Husi Managing Director Special Olympics Asia Paciific SO ASPAC ( USA ) ho nia kometiva , assunto principal husi visita nee, atu hasoru malo ho ita nia naiulun iha nasaun nee, hato informasaun kona Timor-Leste tama ona iha membro ou familia Internacional Special Olympics ba 19 iha mundo tomak, atu desemvolve Special Olimpico iha Timor-Leste ba iha futuru mai.
Ho presensa Special Olimpico iha Timor-Leste atu fo dalam no halibur ita nia atletas divisentes special liu ba Atletas TUNA GRAHITA agora iha base seidauk heta asesu ba Desporto ne mak refere, ne be mak agoara seidauk hetan fortunidade hanesan atletas normal sira e nune ita hein katak ho tempu badak Atletas Special Olimpicos Timor-Leste sei sai hanesan Embasada nasaun Timor-Leste atu apresta aan iha Festifal SUMER GAME iha Sanghai/China 1a ves lori Timor-Leste nia Naran liu husi atletas Special Olympics . Hanesa informsaun kona prosesu hari Special Olympic hanesan tuir mai nee :

Istoria kona ba SPECIAL OLIMPICOS :
1. Yayasan Joseph P. Kennedy Junior - Eunice Mary Kennedy ou Mrs.
2. Eunice Kennedy Shriver- hari iha tinan 1946 – fo hanoin hikas fali ba oan primeiro, ne be mak mate iha 2a Gerra mundial
3. Oan husi familia Joseph P. ho Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy – Rosemary hetan moras Tunagrahita
4. Prevene Tunagrahita ho hadia fasilidade ingeral ba Tunagrahita.
5. Iha tinan 1963, kemping loron ida iha Maryland USA ba Tunagrahita – aktifitas Desporto.
6. Iha tinan 1968, 1a Festival Desporto Special Olympics Games musim manas iha Chicago, USA hetan involvimento atletas USA ho Canada rihun ida ( 1000 ) .
7. Desemvolve ho serviso hamutuk ho IOC, Institusi Desporto sira seluk.


STATUTES Of the East Timor- of Athletics Federation

General definitions

Artº 1st
Demoniacal and Thirst The Federation Timor-east of Athletics, briefly designated by FTA it was founded in twenty of July of two thousand, ( 20-07-2000 ) under the registration of Federação Timor-Leste of Athletic Sports. FTA is it’s thirsty in Dili, Timor-Leste

Artº 2nd
Natures and Regime FTA is a Federation unidesportiva, person collective of private right, of sport public usefulness, continuing non lucrative ends.
FTA rage-if pelts present statutes, for the complementally regulations and for the applicable national and international legislation.

Artº 3rd
Ambit and End F.T.A. it is the enfilade maximal of the modality, at national level, and he/she has to continue finally, among other, the following objectives:
a) to promote and to drive the practice of the athletics, masculine and feminine, in articulation with the organs of the State responsible persons for the it tutors of the national Sports, with Olympic Committee of Timor-Leste and with the Confederation of sports of Timor-Leste;
b) to stimulate the constitution and to support the operation of regional associations of athletics, defining the fundamental beginnings of its acutance in the respective jurisdiction areas;
c) to establish and to maintain good cooperation relationships with all the other federations foliates in FIAA ( International Federation of Amateur Athletics ) tends in view the fomentation of the international exchange.
d) to represent before the Public Administration the its associates' interests.

Artº 4th
Attribution To FTA, in the sense of guaranteeing the prosecution of its objectives, it will compete, namely
a) to coordinate the acutance of the associations and athletics clubs that are integrated in her;
b) to diffuse and to do to observe the athletics rules officially established;
c) to organize or to coordinate the accomplishment of the official competitions, of national and international ambit;
d) o authorize the participation of associations, clubs and athletes abroad in official competitions;
e) to establish the rules, in agreement with the norms internationally defined, of the publicity use on the part of the athletes that participate in official tests;
f) to guide and to support the preparation of the athletes selecting to represent the Country in tests of the international calendar and in the Olympic games;
g) to participate in the actions promoted by the organs of the State destined to motivate the development of the Portuguese sports, as well as to exercise the positions, through its organs, in the organisms in that comes to have place;
g) to participate in the actions promoted by the organs of the State destined to motivate the development of the Portuguese spurts, as well as to exercise the positions, through its organs, in the organisms in that comes to have place;
h) Manage the human resources, technicians and financiers put at your disposal to guarantee the prosecution of its objectives;
i) to celebrate agreements and contracts with public and private entities, in order to the satisfaction of its objectives;
j). to care for for the execution of the present statute and of the other norms you regulate

Artº 5th
International Entailment

F.T.A. it is member of the International Federation of Amateur Athletics (IAAF), of the Asian of Athletics Association (AAA), International Entailment F.T.A. it is member of the International Federation of Amateur Athletics (IAAF), of the Asian of Athletics Association (AAA),
F.T.A., in the execution of the rules of IAAF, it should accomplish doping controls in the National Championships and in similar competitions, as well as out of the competitions, of the which annual reports should be presented to IAAF. It will still be allowed out to IAAF effectual controls of the competition, to the athletes filiations in FTA.
No athlete can use the a representative's of athletes services without obtaining authorization previously for the effect, and since a contract exists of Representation writing, among the athlete and its representative, that it executes the established in the Regulations of relative IAAF to Representatives of Athletes.

Artº 6th
Organization beginnings and operation

FTA is organized and its activated continues in agreement with the beginnings of freedom, of democratic and of representatividade.

FTA is independent of the State, of the political parties and of the religious institutions.

Artº 7th

F.T.A. it uses enclosed as symbols the flag and the emblem that are integral part of this statute


Artº 8th

F.T.A. he/she will have the following category of associates:
Effectives .Extraordinaire .Honoraries of Merit

Artº 9th
Associated effectives

They are associated effectives the groupings of clubs of the territorial base, under the form of associations of clubs and that drive the practice of the athletics.
The territorial areas of the associations will correspond, in beginning, to the actualize districts, could be modified by deliberation of the General Assembly of FTA.
The regional associations can integrate sport agents' associations and societies sport sedates in the respective areas.

Artº 10th
Associated extraordinary

They can be associated extraordinary the sport apprentices' groupings, technicians, referees and juries and other sport agents that, constituted legally as people collectives of private right, without lucrative ends, organized with national ambit, have intervention in the breast of the Athletics

Artº 11th
Honorary associates

They are associated honorary the singular people or collections that if metabolize for important rendered services and that they are, as such, recognized in General Assembly by proposal of Direction in agreement with own regulation.

Artº 12th
Associated of merit

They are associated of merit the singular people or collections that contribute in a notable way to the progress of the modality at national level and that they are, as such, recognized in General Assembly by proposal of Direction in agreement with own regulation.

Artº 13th
Rights of the associates effectives and extraordinary They are rights of the associates effectives and extraordinary, among others:
a) to choose the social bodies of FTA;
b) to participate and to vote in the meetings of the General Assembly, in the terms of this Statute
c) to propose alterations to the statutes and regulations of FTA;
d) to request the extraordinary summons of the General Assembly;
e) to collaborate in the activities of FTA, of harmony with the respective regulations;

Artº 14th
The associates' duties

They are the associates' duties, among others:
a) to collaborate in the development of the athletics and in the promotion of the ethical values of the sports;
b) to respect the deliberations and decisions of the social organs
c) to execute the statutory dispositions and the regulations of FTA;

Organization and operation

Artº 15th

They are organs of F.T.A.
. General assembly
. President
. Directions
. Council Jurisdictional
. Fiscal Council
. Council to Discipline
. Council of Arbitration

Section I
General assembly

Artº 16th

The General Assembly is the deliberative maximum organ of F.T.A. and its decisions link everybody the associates.

Artº 17th

The General Assembly is composed by everybody the associates in the full joy of all the associative rights and for the members of the social organs of the Federation.
They can also participate in the General Assembly, without right I vote her, the honorary members and of merit of FTA.
The members of the social organs of FTA are not entitled I vote her.

Artº 18th

The regional associations of athletics, associated effectives, are entitled to a vote each one, representing 3/4 of the votes admitted in each meeting.
The remaining ones associated, associated extraordinary, they will exercise, in the same parts, the rights corresponding to the remaining votes in the proportion of 1/4.

Artº 19th

To the General Assembly it competes to deliberate not on the matters understood in the attributions of the other organs and, especially:
a) to approve the statutes and respective alterations;
b) to choose and to deprive, for voting secretes, the titular of the social organs, as well as to check them the respective ownership;
b) to deliberate about the adhesion the other organisms, national and foreigners;
d) to appreciate and to vote budget, action programs, report and bills;
e) to authorize FTA to demand the members of the social organs judicially for
acts practiced in the exercise of its functions;
f) to deliberate on the associates' admission, under proposal of Directions
g) to deliberate about the jurisdiction limits and attributions of the Regional Associations of Athletics;
h) to ratify sanctions, in the terms of the legal dispositions and you regulate;
i) to deliberate about the onerous acquisition and the alienation of immobile goods;
j) to fasten the amount to pay for the associates, relative you rate it and shares;
l) to deliberate about the breakup of FTA.
For besides the determination in the present statutes, the regime to discipline it will be established in own and complementally regulation.
It is of the competence of the General Assembly the approval of the Regulations and complementally alterations to the present Statutes.

Artº 20th
Table of the General Assembly

The General Assembly is driven by a Table constituted by 3 elements, being a, the President
In the absences and impediments of the President, this is substituted by one of the members of the Table The members of the Table can attend, whenever they judge convenient, to the meetings of Directors, without right I vote her

Artº 21st

The General Assembly should gather in sessions of ordinary or extraordinary character, designated respectively by ordinary general assemblies and extraordinary general assemblies
The General Assembly should be summoned by the President of the Table, by means of communication writing driven each one of the associates, with the minimum antecedence of 15 days, owing the order of the day to consist of the warning of the summons The General Assembly will deliberate, in first summons, when it is present most of the associated with right I vote her Not attending the demanded number of associates, it will be summoned, for the President of the Table, new Assembly with the interval of, at least, 24 hours, being able to not the assembly to deliberate with any number of associates Except for the determination as regards to alteration of the statutes and breakup of the Federation, the deliberations of the General Assembly are taken by majority of the present associates' votes. The associates can be made to represent for a maximum number of three delegates, properly credence

Artº 22nd
Ordinary general assemblies

The ordinary general assemblies gather to the end of the month of Mart and in the month of November of every year.
The General Assembly gathers to the end of the month of Mart to discuss and to vote the activities report and the referring bills to the exercise of the year transacts
The General Assembly gathers in the month of November to discuss and to vote the activities plan and the ordinary budget for the following year
To the General Assembly ordinarily gathered he/she will still fit to pronounce on any other subjects mentioned in the order of the day

Artº 23rd
Extraordinary general assemblies

The General Assembly will gather extraordinarily when summoned by the President of the Table, for its initiative, at the request of any of the social organs or to solicitation of, at least, 1/3 of the associates in the middle of joy of its rights
If the President of the Table doesn't summon the assembly in the cases in that she should make it, to any associate effectual is allowed the summons

Section II
The President

Artº 24th

The President represents the Federation, you/he/she assures it’s to regulate operation and you/he/she promotes the collaboration among its organs

Artº 25th
Function and competence

The President of the Federation is, for inherencies, the President of Directors, especially competing it
A to represent the Federation near the Public Administration
b to represent the Federation near its organizations national congeners, foreigners and international
c to represent the Federation in judgment
d to assure the organization and the operation of the services, as well as the escrituração of the books, in the terms of the law
e to assure the average administration of the business federative

Section III

Artº 26th
Definition and constitution

Directors is the organ schoolboy of administration of F.T.A., constituted by odd number of members, being presided by the President of the Federation and integrating an or more Vice-presidents, a General secretary, a Treasurer and Vowels
Near Directors, and to name for this Commissions of Support can work

Artº 27

It competes, in general, to Directors
a to organize the national selected
b To organize the competitions sport non professionals
c To guarantee the electrifies of the rights and the associates' duties
d to elaborate the activities plan, the budget and the report and bills of the management annually
e to apply sanctions for besides the ones that they cover nature of the sport ambit
f to submit the opinion of the Fiscal Council the relative documents to the installment of bills
g to administer the business of the Federation in matters that are not especially attributed the other organs
h to elaborate the norms and complemented regulations of the statutes
i to render the necessary collaboration to the other social organs
j to practice the necessary acts to the preparation of the associates' admission
l to keep the books of act’s of the social organs of the Federation
m to institute commissions and work groups for treatment of specific matters
n to assure the execution of the agreements and contract-program celebrated among F.T.A. and the organisms of the Public Administration
O to care for for the execution of the statutes and of the deliberations of the social organs of the Federation

Section IV
Conselho Jurisdicional

Artº 28th
Definition and constitution

The Consuelo Jurisdictional is the organ of resource of the decisions you discipline, in sport matter
The Consuelo Jurisdictional is constituted by three members, licentiates in right, being a, the president

Artº 29th

It competes to the Consuelo Jurisdictional
a to know of the interposed resources of the decisions discipline, in sport matter, uttered by the advice to discipline
b to support the social organs in the interpretation of the statutes, regulations and legal dispositions of the ambit of the sports, when requested

Section V
Fiscal Council

Artº 30th
Definition and constitution

The Fiscal Council is the organ of focalization of the acts of administration economic and financial of FTA
The Fiscal Council is constituted by three members, being a, the President
One of the members of the Fiscal Council should be, obligatorily, official reviewer of bill

Artº 31st

It competes to the Fiscal Council
a ocalize the execution of the law, statutes and regulations, as well as of the deliberations of the General Assembly
b to emit to seem on the budget, the swinging and the documents of installment of bills
c to accompany the operation of the Federation, participating to the competent organs the irregularities that has knowledge
d to watch for the execution of the financial legality of the Federation

Section VI
Council to Discipline

Artº 32nd
Definition and constitution

The Council to Discipline it is the organ with powers you discipline in sport matter
The Council to Discipline it is constituted by three members, licentiates in Right, being a, the president

Artº 33rd

It competes to the Council to Discipline
c to intervene and to punish the infractions discipline, in sport matter, in the terms of the discipline regulation
b to know of the resources of the associates' decisions, in sport matter
c to Support the social organs of FTA in the interpretation of the Statutes, Regulations and other legal dispositions, in the ambit of the matter to discipline sport, whenever requested for the effect

Section VII
Council of Arbitration

Artº 34th
Definition and constitution

Council of Arbitration is the coordination organ and administration of the activities of the athletics judge
The Council of Arbitration is constituted by three members, being a the President

Artº 35th

It competes to the Council of Arbitration
a to coordinate and to administer the activities of the judge
b to establish the norms regulations of the exercise of the activities of the judge
c to define the parameters of formation of the judge and to proceed to its technical classification

Internal organization of the organs

Artº 36th

The social organs are summoned by the respective presidents and they can only deliberate with the its title-holders' presence
The deliberations are for majority of the present title-holders' votes, tends the president, besides its vote, right votes her of quality

Artº 37th
Incompatibilities of the Title-holders

It is incompatible with the function of titling of organ of FTA
a THE exercise of another position in FTA
b THE intervention directed or indirect in contracts celebrated with FTA
c Relatively to the members of Directors, the exercise of position directive in another Sport Federation
The titular of the social organs cannot vote in subjects that directed tells respect or us which you/they are interested the respective spouses, to them its ascendancies or descending and relatives or kindred to the 2nd degree of the collateral line, as well as people with who live in common economy

Patrimonial and financial administration

Artº 38th

The patrimonies of F.T.A. it is constituted by the universalities of its rights and obligations

Artº 39th

They constitute revenues of FTA
a the product of the rates and shares to pay for the associates, in the terms regulate
b the rates of registrations in the official competitions
c the profits of the competitions organized by FTA
d the product of the liquid percentages of the revenues of the competitions organized by the regional associations, for the clubs and sport societies, in the terms regulate
e relative deposits to resources judged improvements, in the terms regulate
f the subsidies of the State or other organisms
g the donations, inheritances and legacies;
h other revenues legally authorized

Artº 40th

They are expenses of FTA

the responsibilities with the respective operation and with the execution of its attributions and of the competences of its organs

the acquisition costs, maintenance and conservation of its equipments or of services that he/she has to use

Artº 41st

The patrimonial and financial administration, including the organization of the accounting, it is governed by the applicable norms to the Federations with sport public usefulness

Regime to discipline

Artº 42nd

They are subject to could discipline of FTA, the Associations, the Clubs, leaders, apprentices, trainers, technicians, judge and other sport agents
Artº 43rd

They constitute infracted subject to procedure to discipline

the violation of the statutes and regulations of the Federation;

the non execution or the disobedience face to the application of the deliberations of the organs of the social bodies of the Federation

the practice of acts of indiscipline causatives of damages for the members of the social organs of F.T.A., of the sport agents or that, somehow, affected the prestige and the good name of the modality and of its institutions

Artº 44th

The application of sanctions, for the competent organs for the verification of the infracted practice discipline, it is conditioned to the respect by the instauration of processes you discipline subordinates to the beginning of the contradictory and that offer whole the defense warranties to the accused

Honorary distinctions

Artº 45th

FTA can attribute to singular people or collectives honorary distinctions, as recognition for the act’s practice and relief activities in the sport domain, understanding the following ones
a Honorary Member
b Member of Merit
c Medal of Honor of FTA
d Medal of Merit of FTA
e Louvers Public
The distinctions of the aliens d) and and) of the previous number they are attributed by means of deliberation of Directors, while the remaining ones are of the competence of the General Assembly The regime of the honorary distinctions will be regulated by means of own and complementally regulation of the present statutes


Artº 46th
Electoral capacity

They have capacity electoral whole active the associated effectives and extraordinary in the full joy of its rights

Artº 47th
Electoral assembly

The elections have room in General Assembly, expressly summoned for the effect and they ordinarily take place of four in four years
The elections take place for secret vote and direct and the electoral process is governed in agreement with the norms of the Electoral Regulation of FTA

Artº 48th
Duration of the mandate

The social organs of F.T.A. they are chosen by four years, being able to not its members to be reelects They can take place partial elections relatively to a social organ when in the decurso of the mandate they happen vacancies that, in the moment, don't exceed the more half one of the total number of the members of the social organs The time of the mandate of the members chosen in these conditions will coincide initially with the one of the chosen

Alteration of the statutes, extinction and breakup

Artº 49th
Alteration of the statutes

The present statutes can be altered by the General Assembly, for proposal of Directors, obtained the favorable opinion of the remaining organs The alteration will have to obtain the favorable vote of three forth of the number of everybody the associates in the full joy of its rights

Artº 50th
Extinction and breakup

For besides the legal causes of extinction, F.T.A. it can only be dissolved for reasons of such a serious and unbeatable form that turn impossible the accomplishment of its ends
The breakup will especially be deliberated by General Assembly summoned for that end, needing the favorable vote of three forth of the number of everybody the associates in the full joy of its rights
It competes to the General Assembly to deliberate with relationship to the destiny of the goods of the Federation